Shao Nian Ge Xing

Creator & Author: 周木楠 Zhou Mu Nan







Author: 周木楠 / Zhou Mu Nan
Length: 1.01 million words (460 chapters + 8 extra chapters)
Status: Completed in Jan 2018
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ChaptersArc 1 - Chapters 1-27
黄金棺材篇 / Golden Coffin
Arc 2 - Chapters 28-194
风花雪月篇 / Wind Flower Snow Moon
Arc 3 - Chapters 195-280
海外仙山篇 / Immortal Mountain Beyond the Sea
Arc 4 - Chapters 281-460
血染天启篇 / Blood Soaked Heavenly Revelations
Extra - Chapters 1-8
道可道 / Follow the Dao

SummaryA passionate young man in red, a miserly owner of a run-down inn, and a head disciple of an illustrious martial arts sect. Three seemingly unrelated people met on a snowy night. Each with their own objectives, they escorted a coffin made of gold to the border city of Biluo. Along the way, they were hunted down by various forces: the top assassin duo, Yue Ji and Ming Hou, the guardians of a mysterious sect, Baifaxian, Ziyihou...Exquisite killing techniques, the resurgence of a Demonic Cult from the outer regions, the road ahead for these three youths seemed extremely dangerous, even though they knew nothing about what lay within the coffin. However, when the truth slowly emerged, the youths made an amazing decision...


Great Journey of Teenagers / Youths and Golden Coffin
The series is produced by iQiyi (Season 1), Bilibili (Season 2 and later) and Youku, with CG Year (中影年年) providing the 3D animation. The character designs are gorgeous and fight sequences beautifully animated. Many of the designs and storyboard were also adapted into the live action drama series, The Blood of Youth.
Season 1 - 黄金棺材篇 / Golden Coffin Arc
Episodes 1 - 26 (aired 26 Dec 2018 - 5 Jun 2019)
Season 2 - 风花雪月篇 / Wind Flower Snow Moon Arc
Part 1 - Episodes 1-16 (aired 28 Jul - 3 Nov 2021)
Part 2 - Episodes 17-32 (aired 26 Jan - 4 May 2022)
Special episode (aired 15 Jun 2022)
Season 3 - 海外仙山篇 / Immortal Mountain Beyond the Sea Arc
Episodes 1 - 26 (aired 25 Oct 2023 - 10 Apr 2024)
Season 4 - 血染天启篇 / Blood-Soaked Heavenly Revelations Arc
Officially announced on 9 Oct 2023
Sequel - 少年歌行之南明离火
Continuation of the SNGX main story as the youths travel south to face an even greater enemy.
Officially announced on 9 Oct 2023
Spin-off - 少年歌行之云龙风虎
Short story centered on 17-year-old Xiao Chuhe and his meeting with the Nanjue Crown Prince, Ao Yu.
Officially announced 9 Oct 2023
Movie - 少年歌行动画电影
Animated movie officially announced on 3 Nov 2023

Xiao Se: Zhao Yi
Lei Wujie: Zhang Boheng
Sikong Qianluo: Chu Jun
Zhao Yuzhen: Wang Kai
Li Hanyi (unmasked): Yan Mengmeng
Li Hanyi (masked): Ma Cheng
Tang Lian: Wei Chao
Sikong Changfeng: Li Lu
Ye Ruoyi: Tang Xiaoxi
Ji Xue: Li Xiaomeng
Li Fansong: Ling Fei
Fei Xuan: Yan Mengmeng
Luo Mingxuan: Jin Li
Wuxin: Zhang Jie
Lei Yunhe: Zhang Zhen
Lei Hong: Miao Zhuang
Lei Qianhu: Zhao Mingzhou
Yin Luoxia: Bai Xuecen
Song Yanhui: Zhang Lei
Wushuang: Chu Jun
Baifa Xian: Yao Lei
Ziyi Hou: Chang Wentao
Xie Xuan: Su Yu
Grandmaster Tang: Zhao Yi
Tang Huang: Miao Zhuang
Tang Xuan: Wang Kai
Tang Qisha: Qi Sijia
Tang Yin: Yang Mo
Tang Ze: Ling Fei
Su Changhe: Qian Wenqing
Su Changli: Liu Sicen
Su Muyu: Zhang Lei
Mu Ying: Yun Weiyi
Mu Yumo: Lu Xiran
Xie Qidao: Wen Tao
Yan Zhantian: Yang Mo
Duan Changsong: Su Yu
Ye Xiaoying: Zhao Mingzhou
Yue Ji: Yang Jing
Mingde Emperor: Jin Li
Xiao Chong: Chen Jiaheng
Xiao Yu: DK
Lanyue Marquis, Ling Shaohan: Qian Wenqing
Qi Tianchen: Zhao Mingzhou
Li Suwang: Xuan Xiaoming
Hua Jin: Yu Wei
Wang Tie: Yang Mo
Wen Liang: DK
Wang Ruofu: Wang Kai
Xu Dacheng: Qi Sijia

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Officially announced on 4 Oct 2022 - PV Playlist
Opening theme: 踏浪 (instrumental)
Ending theme: 破阵 by 阿云嘎 (same as S2)

Season 1 - ep 1-2 (free), ep 3 onwards (members only)
Chinese: iQiyi, Youku or Bilibili
English subtitles: iQiyi, Bilibili Intl
Opening theme: 少年歌行 by 张赫宣
Insert theme: 踏歌行 by 曲肖冰
Ending theme: 与风吟 by 香香
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Season 2 - ep 1 (free), ep 2 onwards (members only)
Chinese: Bilibili
English subtitles: Youku YouTube, Bilibili Intl
Opening theme: 初心 by 潘辰 - MV
Ending theme: 破阵 by 阿云嘎 - MV
Image songs:
何求 by 双笙 (陈元汐) - MV
雪月 by 万玲琳 - MV
风 by 鱼椒盐 - MV
锦瑟 by 房东的猫 - MV
春来花与梦 by 卫一名 - MV
犹记 by 陈鸿宇 - MV
如歌 by JandZ - MV
Extras and Side Stories (free to watch)
Animated shorts with side stories, most of which are not from the novel.
Peach Blossom Brand
Episodes 1-6 (complete)
Stories From Their Youth
Episodes 1-8 (complete)


The second arc of the story was adapted to a web comic that's being released in tandem with Season 2. New chapters are released every Sunday.The adaptation is slightly different from the novel and used an earlier iteration of the animation character designs for some characters. The story appears to follow the novel more closely than the animation.Read in Chinese at Bilibili Comics (free up to ch 20)
Read in English at Bilibili Comics

Live Action

少年歌行 / The Blood of Youth
Air date of episode 1: 26 Dec 2022 (total 40 episodes + extra)
Director: Yin Tao 尹涛
Executive Producer: Xie Ying 谢颖
NEWS UPDATE 26 Dec 2023 - Youku officially announced Season 2 of the drama series, 少年歌行之南明离火 (Shao Nian Ge Xing Nan Ming Li Huo), which has the same title as the previously announced animation series. The story will be a direct sequel of Season 1.Season 2 will have the same director as the first season and the main cast will also reprise their roles. The author, Zhou Munan, will continue to be part of the series as screenwriter. Filming is expected to start in 2024.--Youku announced a live action adaptation of the entire novel in Dec 2020 and filming began in Oct 2021 on location at Hengdian. Principal photography wrapped up on 16 Jan 2022.The adaptation used many of the character designs from the animation team but will follow the novel more closely. The author was also part of the adaptation of the screenplay.Synopsis: (translated from Youku)
Lei Wujie, a young and inexperienced hero venturing out for the first time, was headed for the number one city of the martial world - Xueyue City. On the way, he accidentally ended up at Fallen Snow Villa. In his first opportunity to display his heroism, he instead smashed Xiao Se's inn and was forced to pay compensation. He had no choice but to bring Xiao Se along to Xueyue City to repay his debt. On the way, they met Tang Lian, the head disciple of Xueyue City, who was escorting a golden coffin. One thing led to another, and they became involved in an incident that would shake up the entire martial world...
Xiao Se: Li Hongyi 李宏毅
Wuxin: Liu Xueyi 刘学义
Lei Wujie: Ao Ruipeng 敖瑞鹏
Tang Lian: Li Xinze 李欣泽
Sikong Qianluo: Lin Boyang 林博洋
Ye Ruoyi: Dai Yanni 戴燕妮
(and many more)
Opening theme:
少年歌行 by 张赫宣 / Shao Nian Ge Xing by Zhang Hexuan
Ending theme:
踏歌行 by 曲肖冰 / Ta Ge Xing by Qu Xiaobing
Other theme songs:
凡尘与你 by 银临 / Fan Chen Yu Ni by Yin Lin
无尽 by 邓寓君(等什么君) / Wujin by Deng Yujun
无心 by 王晰 / Wuxin by Wang Xi (Wuxin's character song)
自古英雄出少年 by 李鑫一 / Zi Gu Ying Xiong Chu Shao Nian by Li Xinyi
Official soundtrack available on Kugou or QQ